Download FM WhatsApp Android APK Free

Enjoy FM WhatsApp to easily manage more than one WhatsApp account on a device, while enjoying advanced messaging tools.

It has a set of functions for editing the app's appearance and privacy, tested to ensure good performance. Therefore, we believe that you would like to download FM WhatsApp.

What is FM WhatsApp and what is it for?

Also known as Fouad WhatsApp, it is a MOD of the official instant messaging application, i.e. a modified version which offers you features that are not available in WhatsApp. In addition, it is useful to have two accounts of this platform on the same computer, since it can be installed together with the original app to set up a second profile.

Also, this MOD provides you with several extra tools that give you clear advantages over the original version.

FM WhatsApp Features

In order to ensure an excellent messaging experience, unique privacy, messaging and personalization features have been added to MOD. Among these, it is worth noting:

Privacy tools

You can easily manage your activity statuses and other sections related to your privacy, through these FMWhatsApp features:

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  • Allows you to hide blue ticks, notifications, connection statuses or freeze the last hour.
  • You can view deleted statuses or messages without the other person knowing.
  • It will be possible to password protect your conversations or specific chats.
  • It gives you widgets to access privacy features much faster, right from the home screen.
  • It is compatible with WhatsApp official, allowing you to use up to two accounts on the same device.
  • You can use the app without being detected by the official platform and avoid banning or suspension of your profile.


You can edit the entire FM WhatsApp interface to your liking by means of the following added tools:

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  • You will have at your disposal more than 4000 themes to download.
  • It offers you different styles to change the appearance of the texts in the application.
  • You will be able to change the design of the tics or chat bubbles.
  • You have options to change the color of the app icon.


In order to allow you to chat with ease, different messaging tools have been added to make the interaction between users more enjoyable, such as the following:

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  • You can create statuses of up to 250 characters in text updates.
  • You have at your disposal several packs of emojis of different styles.
  • You have support for sending larger files, up to 50 MB for images and 1 GB for clips.
  • Content does not lose quality when shared.
  • You will be able to copy or download statuses from your contacts without them knowing.
  • Allows you to activate the "Do not disturb" function and avoid receiving notifications until it is deactivated.

Differences between FM WhatsApp and WhatsApp

There are many differences of FMWhatsApp and WhatsApp, among which is the number of additional MOD tools that stand out from the limitations of the official app. In order to see these details more easily, check this table:



Official WhatsApp

Having two accounts on the same cell phone

Send images

Up to 50 MB

Up to 16 MB

Video sharing

Up to 1 GB

Up to 16 MB

Hide blue tics

Hide activity statuses

New font styles

Theme Store

Various icon designs

Download states

Password protect chats

Privacy widgets

Anti-ban system

Create statuses

250 characters

125 characters

View deleted messages

It can be found on Google Play

How to download and install FM WhatsApp?

Getting FM WhatsApp is easy, as its installation system is optimized to perform this procedure quickly. To do so, just follow these steps:

  • On your cell phone, go to "Settings > Applications > Google Chrome > Install App. Unknown"and activate the "Allow from this source" flag.
  • Click on the download button provided on this site.
  • Access the APK file obtained in the "Downloads" section and select "Install".
  • Register with your number and verification code received at FM WhatsApp to enjoy its advanced tools.

How to use Fouad WhatsApp?

Enjoying the advanced tools of FM WhatsApp is quite easy, you just have to register in the application by entering your phone number and the subsequent validation code. Then, you must add a profile picture and name, and in the main section, press the three dots to go to "FMMods", where you will find a large number of Premium functions.

Explore all this section looking for sections to customize the application style, increase your privacy options, create backup copies, use widgets, among others.

How to have two accounts with FM WhatsApp?

FM WhatsApp has been optimized to help you manage two accounts on the same device, as it is compatible with the official app. Therefore, you only need to have both applications installed, which you can use independently and thus have more than one profile on the platform.

How to update Fouad WhatsApp to the latest version?

You have to keep FMWhatsApp to enjoy improvements in its security system and future advanced features. To do so, simply download and install the latest APK by clicking on the download button shown at the top. Then, you will have to log in normally to the app.

Advantages and disadvantages of FM WhatsApp

If you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of FM WhatsApp, consider the following table:



  • It has compatibility with older versions of Android.
  • It offers you multiple themes to download.
  • You will find customization options for the different elements of the app.
  • You will obtain a higher level of privacy.
  • It allows you to send up to 60 files simultaneously.
  • It does not compress or detract from the quality of the images or videos sent.
  • You can download WhatsApp statuses without being discovered.
  • Gives you access to deleted messages or statuses.
  • It may be slower than the official app.
  • Technical support tends to be slow to respond.
  • Not available in official stores.
  • Requires manual updates.

FM WhatsApp vs WhatsApp Plus vs GBWhatsApp: Main Differences

It is important to consider that these are the three most popular WhatsApp MODs, thanks to the large number of added tools they present, which vary slightly from one version to another. On the one hand, it is worth noting that GBWhatsApp differs from FM WhatsApp because it provides greater customization tools.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus presents specific differences between Fouad WhatsApp, which lie in the stability and consistency of updates. However, FM WhatsApp is an excellent option for those who want to manage more than two accounts and have additional messaging tools.

What’s new in the latest FM WhatsApp update

In the latest version of FM WhatsApp other unique features have been added, which make using the MOD much more fun and dynamic. Among these, the following may be mentioned:

  • You will find novel wallpapers to add to the lock section.
  • You will be able to use new color palettes to modify the app icon or text fonts.
  • All the occasional bugs affecting MOD operation have been fixed.
  • It provides you with improvements in its anti-ban system so that you can use the application with total security.
  • You will be able to unlock new options to link other devices in the app.

What to do if FM WhatsApp does not work?

In very few cases, errors may occur when installing FM WhatsApp, which can be easily fixed by applying these methods:

  • The "Power Saving" or "Airplane Mode" must be deactivated to ensure proper use of your MOD.
  • Check that you have the APK file updated to the latest version.
  • Check that the "Unknown origins" function is enabled in your cell phone settings.
  • Verify that you have a stable Internet connection, either mobile data or Wi-Fi network.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is FM WhatsApp safe?

Yes, it is possible to download the FM WhatsApp APK file free of viruses and totally free of charge. In addition, the app offers you a robust anti-ban system that protects you from crashes, as long as you keep the application updated.

Can FM WhatsApp and official WhatsApp be used on one device?

Yes, as they feature different installation files, so you can enjoy two accounts on a single device with complete ease. This is as long as you have two different phone numbers.

Does the installation of FM WhatsApp require root access?

No, you do not need to root your mobile device to download and install FM WhatsApp.

Can FM WhatsApp be used on iOS?

No, there are currently no versions of Fouad WhatsApp available for the iOS Operating System. However, we recommend that you review our website for further information.

How to transfer WhatsApp chats to FM WhatsApp?

It is a simple procedure, just create a copy in WhatsApp by going to "Settings > Chats > Backup > Save" and delete the app. Then, install the FM WhatsApp APK and upon registration, click "Restore backup" to move your conversations to the MOD.

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